Touching lives...with compassionate touches

Touch Hunger anyone?

Simply put, it is a need for physical human contact.


Sadly, over 80,000 Americans are believed to fall into this category.

Satisfying this skin hunger can only be achieved with having meaningful physical contact with another person.

We all long for the power of human touch.

 Touch facilitates a range of positive connecting human emotions.

A bond immediately sparks & a compassion is established from the initial touch

Most important of all: you learn to love yourself by touching others.

Well, who are some of these people?

For over 6 years, I have come across all walks of life, colors, shapes & sizes, ages ranging from 22 to 85!

The types of friends below best depict the vast majority of males who visit me & exhibit a variety of touch hunger needs.

"After Marie died, I just feel completely alone, with no one to hold my hand or hug."

"I'm a prisoner to my work, with so much stress, I forgot what it's like to even touch a lady anymore.  Just not enough time in the day."

II can help with a half hour hug therapy session (250 roses), or a full hour of touch rejuvenation (400 roses)

"I love Donna dearly, even with her cancer and all.  But it's hard with her being sick & understandably despondent to any touch."

"Long ago Brenda & I were soul mates.  Now it seems like we are more or less room mates.  What happened?"

I'm a sensitive loving guy, but nobody takes me seriously due to my weight.  I'm smart, but get treated like i'm stupid.  A real turn off for the ladies.  It's so frustrating!"

"I just don't get it.  I try really hard to go on dates, but just lack the confidence due to years of inexperience and fear of the unknown.  Mr. goodie too shoes hung out to dry I guess."